Video Game Violence

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With constant advances in technology, children are finding new ways of spending their afternoons. Instead of playing catch outside or riding their bikes to a neighbor's house, many children have resorted to sitting in front of a television and playing their favorite video game. Some people believe that video games do not have a serious effect on young children. However, research has repeatedly proven that violence in video games is having a negative effect on kids and the way they behave. Some of the games can increase a person's aggressive thoughts and make them behave very violently. Video games provoke violent thoughts and actions as the games are becoming too graphic for the kids and they're giving them knowledge about the utilization of guns and fighting skills. The video games are making kids act out violent crimes and making them very aggressive because sometimes they think it's acceptable to do what the characters do.

Violent video games also have an immediate effect on a child's mood, mind, and their brain development.

Video games first came out in the 1970s. Later on video games lead to a preferred childhood leisure activity and many kids were very addicted to them. (Funk) There were many preferences of video games such as violent games, educational games, sport games, etc. But the most preferred type of game was violent games. Many kids enjoyed playing violent games because they were very entertaining to play and there was a lot of action and excitement in them. Also it was a rush for the kids to shoot people and blow things up. In a study that was done, which researched video game playing among 357 seventh and eighth grade students. The kids were asked to pick their favorite type of video game among five categories. The category that...