Video game violence Destroying are youth?

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Video game violence Destroying are youth?

Personally I don't think video games are destroying our youth. There are many reasons why I don't think videos games are to blame. Music videos are one of the reasons. All the trash that the rappers rap about like I got 99 problems but a "exploited delete" is not one. You have to think about other forms of entertainment like Television and the above mentioned nonstop music that children are exposed to. You must remember that kids are smart enough to be able to tell the different between a video game world and real life.

We have laws about video games. If they are to violent they well not be able to be in stores for sale to minors . As we heard many workers at stores such as e-games , game-crazy , Wall Mart and others are selling games to under age teenagers.

Rated "M" games which means for mature only. This is something that should not happen.

As you can see video games violence has been rising, but video games have nothing over your free will. When children get picketed on at school and They want to fight the person that is saying rued upsetting words, but do they hit the other person for saying stuff about them? About 95% of the time the young kid would tell a teacher. The other 5% get in a fight. What I am trying to get at is that you have free will to do what you want. That dose not mean blame video games for what kids do.

Take note of television research. The consensus among researchers on television violence is that there is a measurable increase of from 3% to 15% in individuals' aggressive behavior after watching violent television. A recent...