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Video Games Dont Cause Violence

Despite the claims that violent games increase aggression level and cause violence in real time, scientific studies show contradictory results. This is also true with the influence on the behavior and health. In recent years a lot of researches shown positive effects of computer games.

To discard the claims that virtual violence, which is common in modern games, generates real violence, you need to consider official statistics on this subject in the United States. The American market for computer games, is the oldest and one of the most developed, so at the example of the USA, I will explain my reasoning why video games are the symptom and not the .

The first thing that attracts attention is the significant reduction in the number of violent crimes committed by young people (ie, the most active part of the players) in the United States since the mid '90s.

According to the statistics of juvenile courts, the number of murders has significantly decreased since 1994 (1300 vs. 2900), the number of rapes since 1995 has reduced by almost a third (from 5800 to 4000), aggravated assaults has fallen by 40% (from 78, 7 thousand to 45.5 thousand). The number of juveniles from 1995 to 2009 has increased slightly - by 6 % (National Center for Juvenile Justice, 2011).

Reducing aggression is typical not only for young people. Summary data on the basis of the FBI statistics show that in the whole United States, the number of crimes involving violence, decreased from 1991 to 2010 by 47% (FBI's Uniform Crime Reports, 2010).

Meanwhile, in the mid '90s, the development of computer technology has allowed developers to create three-dimensional worlds, that created a new genre - "3D- shootings", which is full of brutality and it has quickly become one...