Video Games And Teenagers

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The fact that a teenager spending an excess amount of time playing video games is detrimental to their growth mentally, physically, and emotionally is difficult to deny. A teenager's inability to cope with different facets of their life and becoming a more violent person are results of too much time spent on video games. Though, what in fact causes this is often misunderstood. What people frequently believe is that because the video games have a violent content it desensitizes the viewer towards violence and leads them to conduct their life in a violent manner. While this has some truth to it, there are many flaws. Just because a young boy plays with nails and hammers, does not mean he will grow up to be a carpenter. While regular viewing of severe violence may numb the audience- it is not the cause for teenagers being more violent. The effects of video games are more complex.

The inactive time and the lack of human contact are both at the root of the problem. The more time spent playing the video game the more sedentary that particular teenager will be. Because so much time is taken away from physical activity while playing the video game it negatively affects the physical state of the teenager. This will lead them to be frustrated with themselves because they are in poor physical condition. Additionally, the deprivation of human contact while playing the video game greatly strains the social skills of the teenager. The social skills are not being stimulated nor acquired. They then have a lesser ability to be articulate and be empathetic to other human beings. Moreover, while playing the video game they are reacting, not thinking. Their minds are not being stimulated on an intellectual level. Intellectual stimulation is key too the growth of a teenager into an adult. They are now at a disadvantage to grow physically, emotionally, and mentally. This lowered physical, emotional, and mental growth will leave an extreme strain on their lives. This anxiety stems to violence later on in life. Video games have ultimately no positive attribute to a teenagers life, especially when an excess amount of time is spent on them.