Video Games And Violence

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Video Games and Violence When you think of video games, do you think they could cause the destruction of our society? But video games have slowly become more and more violent. The first such game to demonstrate this is a game called Mortal Kombat. The object of this game is to kill your opponent by beating him to death. When he is you can finish him off by ripping his head off, ripping his spine out, or burning him to a pile of ash. Then there are other games that teach you to break the law. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Postal are games that show the player breaking the law and getting points for it. Another thing wrong with violence in games is addiction that will build up. With all of this violence, one cannot help wonder what affect this might have on the children who are playing these games.

Some people believe it is harmless fun, but thorough research shows that violence in video games is harmful to children.

Research points out that violent games desensitize children to acts of crime and violence and make violence less shocking. Dave Grossman, a retired colonel for the United States Army, who now teaches at the Arkansas State University, states that violence in video games affects children (Buechner and Quittner 50). An expert on the psychology of killing, he says that violent games desensitize children to violence (Grossman 54). He explains that games like Doom and Quake are the main cause for concern, because games like these are used in the Army to make the soldiers unafraid of killing someone. In these simulations, a soldier shoots a life-like figure to get rid of natural inhibitions of killing someone (Buechner and Quittner 50). But unlike the military games, Doom...