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Introduction: The Vietnam War was an extensive battle between nationalist forces and the United States. The Vietnamese communist leader Ho Chi Minh, aspired to unify the country under a communist government whilst the United states attempted to prevent such a government due to the belief in the Domino Theory conspired by President Eisenhower during his period of presidency. The United States played the role as advisors for South Vietnam from 1945 to 1954 whilst Ngo Dinh Diem was declared president of South Vietnam. Diem was selected by the United States to become President of South Vietnam as he was a Roman-Catholic adherent and an anti-communist which allowed for the anti-communist minority in Vietnam to move to the south after the Geneva Accord leading to a separation into North and South Vietnam and live under his government system influenced by the United States. The incident of the Gulf of Tonkin involving a clash between American naval forces and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1964 lead to President Lyndon B.

Johnson and his secretary Robert S. McNamara to declare the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which allowed American military forces to take any action possible on the North Vietnamese. Due to the intervention of the United States in Indochina the war resulted in large political and environmental impacts during and after the war. The war resulted in use of chemical warfare including "Agent Orange" and involved missions such as "Rolling Thunder" and "Search and Destroy". The United states were lead to withdrawal and North Vietnam took over the entire country under a communist government.