The Vietnam Anti-War Movement.

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The Vietnam War effectively started in 1965, ten years and 4 million deaths later it ended with the North Vietnamese victorious over the greatest nation of all time. Not only that but the economy had been destroyed and the jungles that covered the country had been poisoned. The United States lost over 58,000 soldiers with thousands more wounded, missing and at least half a million vets suffering from post war physiological trauma or chemical poising and hundreds more returning as drug addicts. As a whole American deaths didn't even account for one percent, but the affect this war had on the country is more significant.

Vietnam became known as a two front war, one war being fought in Vietnam and the other being fought in the streets and campuses of America. Opposition to the war grew as the media graphically showed the suffering of both civilians and soldiers in Vietnam.

Those fighting for peace on the home front were mostly young, college students. Often the demonstrations would take place on collage campuses. Whether in large or small groups these protestors fought for American withdrawal from Vietnam, most of these large groups were headed by various organizations. While most of these acts were peaceful some turned violent.