Vietnam for Business, A Rising Star

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Journal Date: January 30, 2003

Title: "Vietnam for Business, A Rising Star", Far Eastern Economic Review,

January 30, 2003

Author: Margot Cohen

Page: P.12-15


After the Vietnam War almost 25 years, there has a great improvement in the Vietnam, no matter on economic, political or infrastructures. Within the 1990's, the economy of Vietnam is revived again. In the past, Vietnam is just a poor and undeveloped village. Most of the people there are non-educated, and lack of the sense of improvement, even in nowadays, the old generations of Vietnam are still focusing and deploring about the Vietnam War and sometimes lack of the attention on their country's economic performance.

However, everything is different from the past. The new generations of Vietnam are more focusing on the truth; they know that improving the country's economy is the only way to improve the country's living standard. Therefore, from the past decade, there still has a great performance in Vietnam's economy.

Vietnam, she is no longer a poor village only, nowadays, Vietnam is one of the most potential countries in Asian. Many of the foreign investment laws and certain political policy and infrastructures are on the improving. For instance, the time for issuing licenses are more quickly the before, and the government are setting up many new policy, in order to create new investment incentives by foreign investors.

As the time of worldwide economic deterioration, the economic performances of Asian countries are poor. However, Vietnam surprisingly had an unpredictable result, the investment from other companies rapidly increase. Not only the investment from European or American companies, but also most of the Asian companies, such as Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

Reebok and Nike, company of producing sneakers, are also setting up their factories in Vietnam. One of the inviting for Vietnam...