The Vietnam War

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The American Experience Since 1945 HIS/135October 11, 2009IntroductionSome scholars consider the Vietnam War as a black spot in the history of the United States. There have not been any doubts that the Vietnam War did raise several issues, which were controversial. The war was supported by some individuals, and the war was protested by some individuals. College students in the United States were one group, which specifically protested the Vietnam War. The college students of this period exhibited a high level of unrest, which was contributed to by the war. However, other factors were also brought about by this war. The United States has been plagued by several different social and political outcomes. Even though there were some of these outcomes, which were positive, most of the outcomes had a negative impact on the United States. This paper will discuss the connection that existed between the Vietnam War and student unrest, and the social and political outcome that resulted from the war.

Student UnrestThe one connection, which was the primary factor contributing to student unrest and the war was the draft conducted by the United States military. During the Vietnam War, every student, which was male, was required on his 18th birthday to register with the selective service. Each male that registered with the selective service would continue to be eligible to be drafted for two years after registration. With the increasing rate of casualties, each male that registered with selective service had a greater change of being called by the draft. However, attending college would provide the males with a temporary postponement of being drafted.

Young males, which were attending college, were not entirely exempt from being drafted by the selective service; however, they would be eligible for the draft once they were finished with the completion of their...