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The year was 1965 and the united states had just entered the conflict in Vietnam. There had been over 180,000 troops and personnel sent into the war zone to protect the south from the communistic north. " [Vietnam War] This would mean i was going on a trip to Saigon. My name was George Winslow. I was no soldier, the only thing i would be shooting with in Vietnam was a camera. I was a journalist and a reporter for CNN. I had covered many stories in the past but i had the feeling that this would be the turning point in my carrier. There were big things to come and i didn't want to miss them when they came. So when the opportunity became a reality i became the taker. Within two days of the idea of covering the story i was on the first plane to Saigon .

Flight Pan- Am 129 the flight would be twelve hours. I could wish for was a beautiful woman to sit next to me on the journey. As i was standing in line to board the plane a gorges young woman approached me and asked me if this was the trip to Saigon and if i was Mr. Winslow." Yes I am George Winslow" i replied. Her name was Marilyn and she worked for NBC she was also sent to report on the war in Vietnam. We set next to each other inn first class and discussed the war. Before i knew it we had landed and i would never see her face again.

As soon as i got to the hotel i had already been witness to a rebel bombing at a cafe across the street. That night i couldn't get to sleep the tropic...