The Vietnam War.

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The Vietnam War

1.Vietnam separated because a man named Ho Chi Ming introduced communisation to Vietnam. The people of North Vietnam wanted Vietnam to be a communist country, but the people of South Vietnam didn't. So South Vietnam decided to separate from North Vietnam. North Vietnam did not like the way that South Vietnam dealt with the situation, and this caused a war.

2.The conflict between North and South Vietnam went from 1954 to 1975. There were two types of conflict in the Vietnam War, these included military conflict, and verbal conflict. The verbal conflict was the longer of the two types. The verbal conflict started at around 1954 and ended at about 1975, all together it went on for about 21 years. The military conflict started at around 1965 and ended around 1973, and it went on altogether for 8 years, before North Vietnam was the victor.

3. America joined the war between North and South Vietnam because America didn't want Vietnam to become a communist country. If South Vietnam became a communist country, it would have increased the number of countries that had a communist alliance e.g. Russia.

4. The American president at the time had a chance to stop the war and back out, but he didn't. He kept his military in the war because he wanted to impress his fellow alliance countries, and his American citizens. He also wanted to try and show other countries at conflict with them that they were ruthless and wouldn't back out of war until the other countries military forces had been completely wiped out, or surrendered. His plan to impress counties like Australia and his American citizens had failed, because they didn't like the reason that we were at war with them, and because it was such...