Vietnam War Suffering the Effects of Personal Opinion

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It isn't the writer that changes the story, it is the viewpoint. Everyone had a different point of view when discussing any kind of politics. These differences can change the when, where, and how an event occurred. It is hard to look past a biased report, and focus only on factual documentation. When asking people about the war, you are bound to receive at least two different accounts of what happened, it works the same way with those people that wrote about the war. The accounts by Dodd, I.F. Stone, and the White Papers all have some kind of differences. How can we expect people to learn the truth about the war, when we aren't even sure.

In the speech given by Thomas J Dodd to the United States Senate, he makes it a point to declare that if the United States' troops are withdrawn in Vietnam, the Communists would take control and Communism can spread all over South-East Asia.

If it were to occur, many deaths would be suffered in this area because of the Communist way of obtaining rule over the people. Punishment was bloodshed for any disrespect or disloyalty. He mentions the fact that control of the Pacific Ocean is in jeopardy and if we pull out of Vietnam we could lose this control. He urges for support and for victory in Vietnam.

The White Papers blames Hanoi for the war. It states Hanoi's involvement of supplying insurgents into the South Vietnamese territory. They tried to overthrow the government and rise up as a communist nation. This war was not just a civil war; there were many hidden players involved. Most of the communist countries were helping Hanoi with the invasion of the South. They wanted the spread of Communism, but the United States stepped in...