Vietnam War vs. War in Iraq

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Would going to war with Iraq be Vietnam all over again? Most people say no, but there are arguments for both answers. This question is an ongoing debate among scholars and politicians across the world. To understand the answer to this question we must look at what Vietnam really was, and how it relates to the Iraq situation of today. In the following paper I will take you into the jungles of Vietnam and show you truly why we fought in Vietnam and the results of this war upon our country.

The Vietnam War was not just something sprung up out of nowhere in the mid 1960's; it started in 1954 and did not end till 1975. In this war you had North Vietnam who happened to be Communist, and you had South Vietnam who was a democracy like the United States. North Vietnam wanted to unite Vietnam as one under Communist control.

Iraq is not Communist and they are not invading anyone at this time. Iraq however, is in serious breech of Security Council Resolutions. Sadam Hussein has failed to comply with 23 of the 27 UN obligations and was a cruel and sadistic dictator who tortured his people, which the U.S. did not agree with.

The Vietnam War has taken the lives of 58,000 Americans and 3 million Vietnamese. We sent around 500,000 soldiers to Vietnam to fight for our country. 304,000 American soldiers were wounded. While in Iraq, the numbers are much smaller. We have only lost 1,200, which is still a large number, but compared to Vietnam, it isn't near as much of a loss. Currently there are 130,000 men and women serving in Iraq. The Vietnam War is the longest war that The United States has been involved in, lasting up to about 16...