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A View from the Bridge Coursework

Arthur Miller, the author of "A View from the Bridge" wrote the play in the 1950's after working in a Brooklyn shipyard. He was familiar with the immigrant as both his parents were immigrants to the United States. This may have been the inspiration to write "A View from the Bridge" but nonetheless he had a good knowledge of the immigrant society and therefore makes this book very historically accurate and real. When he wrote the play it was a lot more acceptable for a man to be a dominant head of the household as Eddie Carbone is in the play. Because Arthur Miller saw at first hand the loyalty to family and the "code of honour" that existed amongst them and how anyone who broke this law was harshly dealt with, he knew what he was writing about and may have based the play on some of his experiences.

When he worked on a Brooklyn shipyard in the 1940's he worked with members of the Italian or Sicilian community and so had great and useful knowledge of their way of life.

Catherine and Eddie's relationship during the play changes in small, subtle ways as the play progresses. Eddie's over protectiveness and Catherine realising there are other men, through to her hatred of Eddie and finally Catherine being reconciled to Eddie as she and Beatrice hold the dying Eddie in their arms. There are many more factors that have an effect on their relationship such as Eddie's dominance and Catherine's love for Rodolfo.

At the beginning of the play, Catherine and Eddie get on very well and Catherine is very obedient to Eddie. This can be seen when she says, "I'll go get you a beer alright." She even...