'A View from the Bridge' by Arthur miller, Explore the significance of a selected section of the play,explore how it relates to the social and historical context.

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The scene, in which Eddie first goes to Alfieri to investigate whether anything can be done to get rid of Rodolopho, this is significant to the play, as it is the first time Eddie has openly expressed his dislike for Rodolpho.

The play is designed to shock the 1950's audience, as the subjects that arise are illegal or disqualified from society, in the 1950's incestuous behaviour was a very unspoken subject as it is today. Homosexuality on the other hand was illegal, even today some people are strong homophobics and look down on homosexual behaviour between both men and women. It is close to reality, and most of the time reality is hard to come to terms with. Homosexuality was shocking, people 'put there noses up' and 'looked down' on anything that was even slightly 'odd' 'not right' or 'unusual' in fact even today if a celebrity admits that they are 'gay' it is splashed all over the newspapers and considered a scandal on the nine o clock news.

Immigration from Italy and Sicily was very common at this time. Many people married U.S.A. citizens to get their papers, which made them a full American citizen. Most immigrants entered the country illegally, they reached the country by a boat and where found jobs until they could pay the debt back to the people who had smuggled them in, as soon as they had paid off this money the had to go and find work of there own. Most would stay six to ten years and risk getting picked up by the immigration bureau, and then many would go back home, mainly because of family. But a small minority would stay in the U.S.A., marry and then become an American citizen.

Arthur Miller deliberately places a soliloquy at the beginning of...