The view of women in varios cultures

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In the stories read concerning India and South America, women play important roles. Some are not so tasteful while others portray them as strong and independent. In each story, woman are allowed to express themselves quite differently. They lead a life that dos not parallel ours but hopefully one day will.

Women in India occupy a paradoxical status. On one hand, there is an abundance of goddesses occupying pivotal places in Indian mythology. On the other hand, there are inhuman Atraditions@ piled against them; Sati, Dowry-system, etc. come to mind. Yet, now there are possibly more Indian women in scientific, medical, and professional areas than many Aliberalized@ Western nations. After all, India boasts of the first woman Prime Minister in the world! However there are no end of reports of wife burning, female infanticide, battery, rape that take place in a democratic India. However it is hardly mentioned that women and men in India are doing something about this situation.

The average record of the last decade though is still very disturbing. According to a newspaper in New Delhi, every 6 minutes, a crime is committed against women. Every 7 minutes a woman is raped, every 45 minutes a woman is kidnapped or abducted. 335 of women are subjected to cruelty. 17 dowry deaths are reported every day. In the reading done this semester it is shown that the treatment of women in India is not often understood.

AThe Shroud@, written by Prem Chand, is a perfect example on how women are disrespected by their husbands. The women in the story dies during childbirth and her husband is worried too much about his own enjoyment than purchasing a proper shroud for her to be burned in. This is quite an isolated case though, because the people of the village are...