Views of others in society.

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People are inclined to be self-centered and judgmental. Everyone is looking for something better in life. For some of us, this may mean a better career, car, house, or lifestyle. For others, it may simply be a stronger sense of self-worth. Many different factors contribute to the way others view a person's social standing. Some aspects such as job, lifestyle, religion, race and the manner in which a person speaks can influence the perceptions of social status.

Aspects such as employment also affect how people view one another. Unfortunately, people are judged on the amount of money they make as well as their job description, instead of personal worth. Common laborers tend to be thought of as less intelligent and placed in a lower social class than those with a professional title. As an accounts payable clerk, I was viewed beneath my husband who is a Marine Corp Officer. In some cases, when asked what I did for a living, I only replied "I work at Gold's Gym."

This proved to be more socially acceptable.

Society views wealth as prestigious, an indicator of hard work, a symbol of intelligence, and worthy of the finer things in life. In many cases the lifestyle and attitudes of such people only endorse this belief of superiority. This has been an ever-present problem. One which, I am sure, will continue with time.

Religion and race also have an impact upon how people are received in society. "Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words..." (Angelou 7). We have all heard this phrase used, "Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you." Do we really understand the meaning and the impact words have on another's feelings? Ethnic racism is the result of prejudiced remarks and offensive name-calling. Discrimination of...