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COMMUNICATION REPORT Prepared by Business Consultant The purposes of the report are (1) to look at Viking Components' current situation; (2) how business communication is carried out internally among employees and supervisors; and (3) recommend ways to further improve the process.

Located in Rancho Santa Margarita, one of Orange County's growing communities, Viking employed individuals from all walks of life. Engineers, designers, assemblers worked together in a nice working environment. During the 90s, Viking operated on three shifts. Although there were not a lot of communications going on between shifts, each employee knew exactly what he/she was supposed to do at work. Customers were happy with Viking's products. Profits were high and everyone got along very well. One instance that caused the company to lose many customers and recorded its first quarter lost ever was a false design of an electronic device and miscommunications between engineers, supervisors, and assemblers. This report will analyze the problems and make recommendations for improvement at Viking Components, Inc.

In January 2000, Viking received several orders to design and produce this electronic device. Engineers passed the design to assemblers for production. The design showed a cable of eight feet in length is required. When assemblers put this device together, they noticed that the cable is a little short. They recommended to the supervisor to use a longer cable. The supervisor told them to continue to work while he talks to the engineers. A few months later, production was complete and the recommendation from assemblers was forgotten. When customers install this device, it did not work properly because the cable was short. Customers returned all products and canceled future orders. In the mean time, engineers, management and employees blamed each other for this bad product and no one was taking responsibility. As a result, Viking lost...