The Vikings

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Have you ever heard about the Vikings?

They were the people who lived from 800 A.D. to 1100 A.D. in Norway and in Sweden (mangus). Vikings were warriors and they fought very fiercely. However what you may not know is that they were very peace full on their own land. They were farmers and traders and they did not fight all of the time, as most people commonly believe. In this paper I will tell you about the Vikings daily life, their war tactics, their explorations, and the types of Vikings that there were.


In the 800's life was very different than it is today. It was more difficult and there were not as many things as we have now. The Vikings had houses made out of wood because there were lots of trees so it was easier to find recourses. The Vikings traded and they farmed on there own land.

They ate twice a day, in the morning, and at night. They also raided other towns for supplies and for slaves. It is not commonly known that the Vikings had slaves, although they did not have many.

There was 25,000 Vikings in Iceland in the mid 900's. The Viking Empire was mainly in Iceland and the Vikings are the ones who made Iceland noticeable. The Vikings did not have books so they passed on history by stories and poems. The Viking alphabet was made up of runes. There are still remains of the runes in some parts of Europe like Iceland and Normandy.

It was customary for Viking men to wear long shirts and on top of the shirt they wore cloaks. They would also wear fur if they had any way to get any. Underneath the cloaks they wore long pants. The women wore long...