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Toronto became a different team with the appearance of Carter. They were a team in the basement of NBA standings with a fog surrounding their future, but Carter brought that team into the playoffs and credibility as an uprising team in the Eastern conference. Following his 2nd season and being eliminated in the first round, Carter would continue to lead his team through the ups and downs and bring them deeper and deeper into the ranks of an elite team. The Raptors continued to deal with controversy as the departure of Tracy seems inevitable. Their star Vince carter faced an abundant amount of distractions with the arrest of his agent Tank Black, his shoe deal with Puma that went wrong, his souring relationship with his cousin after Tracy McGrady left for Orlando, his tough experience at the Olympics and more. Carter gained new knowledge about himself, the league and life.

Coming off the dismissal of Butch carter and replacing him with Lenny Wilkens, the Raptors were a team not guaranteed to be contenders, but it was a huge step forward. However, they would soon be dealt a huge blow, losing one of the cornerstone pieces to the team. Tracy McGrady would leave Toronto for Orlando where he was able to become the go to guy, and out of his cousin Vince’s shadow. After that, Carter was hit with a breach of contract judgment of 13.5 million dollars to Puma, the Raptors were not planning to return Carter’s best friend Muggsy Bogues to a Raptors uniform and he would engage into a fight with Australia’s Andrew Graze at the Olympics. His Olympic experience was rough as it was the first time the crowd was against him, and it was difficult getting in and out of his hotel due to the World...