Vincent is the Hero of Gattaca

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! Gattaca

Clearly, Vincent is the hero of Gattaca. Do you agree? ! ! Ambition. Conquest. Determination. Andrew Niccol's captivating film, Gattaca

comprehensibly explores these three potent terms which defines a hero in a deeper

meaning throughout the character of Vincent Freeman. Gattaca, a science fictional

film set in the not-too-distant future, explores the life of Vincent as he has been

categorised by society as inferior. Despite the fact that "The only way [others] can

succeed is to see [Vincent] fail", Vincent's ambition to reach his dream of travelling to

the stars never weakens. Throughout the various cinematic and scripture techniques

implemented by Niccol's, Gattaca successfully portrays the vision that Vincent is the

hero by using themes of adversity, relationships with other characters, aspirations to

achieve one's dream and the assistance of others to achieve one's dream. It is clearly

evident that in the film Vincent encounters many disruptions and obstacles in

achieving his aspiration, yet it is through these in which he becomes a true hero.!

! Adversity is a term which expresses the daily lifestyle of Vincent Freeman, however

throughout these daily hardships, he becomes a victorious hero. Vincent has had an

extremely hard time as he grows up in the society of Gattaca due to his classification

as an "Invaild" - a individual who is not a product of genetic engineering. !

Throughout Vincent's life, his dreams and ambitions have constantly been


suppressed by others, the film portrays that society has an obsession with defining

people by their genetic 'background'. Vincent is not accepted into pre-school because

"the insurance wouldn't cover it". Niccol's manifests this particular scene with an

extreme close up of Vincent behind large, dull bars which symbolises he is isolated

and not accepted from the outer society. Even from...