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Biography of Vincent Van Gogh Hello, my name is Ernest and today I will be presenting a biography on Vincent Van Gogh, one of the worlds most prestigious painters. He painted in a fashion that was not very popular at the time but it compelled him to keep on painting, which would later arouse peoples interests.

Vincent Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 to a couple named Theodorus and Anna Van Gogh. He had a brother 4 years later named Theo who was born on May 4, 1857. He would play a huge roll in the success of Gogh's dreams of being an artist. At the age of Vincent he enroled into a school in Zevenbergen where he learned french English, and German. This was also where he began to draw for the first time. After about 5 years of schooling he became an apprentice for his uncle at a GOUPIL & CIE art dealership.

At this time he was very interested in art and would go to museums and galleries very frequently in the town of Hague where he is apprenticing. He also starred writing letters to his brother which were the main resources for all the research on what he was doing and how he felt at all times.

In 1973 Vincent was hired at a London branch of Goupil & Cie and visited all the galleries to widen his perspective on art. That summer he would fall in love with a girl but was rejected by her family. Heart broken, he fled to Paris but couldn't hold up a job and by the end of the year he returned to London. After a dramatic year he started studying the bible which turned into an obsession.81 As Vincent's religious fever increases, he physically and mentally...