Vincent Van Gogh.

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Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853. He was born in Groot Zundert. Exactly one year before that his mother also gave birth to a still born child Vincent also. A lot of people thought that Vincent vangogh suffered pshyological damage as a result of being a replacement child and having the same name and birthday as his dead brother.

There is no history written about vangogh's first ten years of his life. His parents were named theodorus vangogh who was a pastor and his mother's name was Anne Cornelia. In 1869 Vincent joined his uncles firm of art dealers named gospel & cie. his family has been long associated with art. Vincent stayed with goupil & cie for seven years. In 1873 he was transferred to another branch in London. He then moved in with Ursula loyer and her daughter Eugenie. Vincent stayed in London for two more years.

While he was in London he visited many art galleries and museums. He was a great admirer of writers like George Eliot and Charles Dickerson. He also liked British engravers whose works were in magazines such as the graphics. These art works inspired him later in life. In 1880 he had lived in borinage for a little over a year. Then he left and moved to Brussels to begin his art studies. Vangogh was inspired to begin the art studies with the financial help Theo his brother. His brother Theo and he have always been close growing up. They have found about seven hundred letter between them. Those letters are where historians have gotten most of their knowledge about his life. In February of 1882 Vincent vangogh met clasina Maria hoorhik. She was already pregnant with her second child. She moved right in with...