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Vincent Willem Van Gogh was born in Groot Zundert, North Brabant, Holland on March 30, 1853. Van Gogh spent his whole childhood in North Brabant, where the whole area was vast flat land covered in corn fields and sandy heath. From 1860 Van Gogh went to the school in the village of Zundert. Despite doing well his father took him and his sister Anne away to be taught by a governess. In October 1864 he was then sent to a boarding school 20 miles away. After completing elementary school in 1866, he moved onto a middle school in Tilburg. Less than 2 years later he left the school in 1868. In 1869, he got a position at the art dealers, Goupil and Co. through his uncle, and worked with them until he was dismissed from the London office in 1873. He worked as a schoolmaster in England in 1876, before training for the ministry at Amsterdam University in 1877.

After he failed to get a post in the Church, he went to live as an independent missionary among the Borinage miners.

He was largely self-taught as an artist, although he received help from his cousin, Mauve. His first works were heavily painted and clumsy attempts to represent the life of poor people. Influenced by one of his artistic heroes, Millet, he moved to Paris in 1886, living with his devoted brother, Theo, who as a dealer introduced him to artists like Gaugin, Pissarro, Seurat and Toulouse-Lautrec. Van Gogh had a good relationship with his brother Theo. His brother would support him when Van Gogh was in troubled times and would always help him buy supplies to keep him painting. Theo was an art dealer and always believe in Van Gogh.

In Paris, he discovered colour as well as...