Vincent Willem Van Gogh

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Vincent Willem Van Gogh



Vincent Willem Van Gogh, son of Theodorus Van Gogh (1822-1885) and Anna Cornelia Nee Carbentus (1819-1907), Born in Groot Zundert a small villiage in Holland, March 30, 1853. Vincent had relatives in the art/artist talent business. A cousin named Anton Mauve, who was into landscape painting, and two uncles that specialized in art dealings. When Vincent was 16 he began working at Goupil galleries as a salesman, in Hague. Then a transfer to the Longon Office took place in 1873.

After transfering to London, England Vincent had an unhappy love affair that touched off his natrually unstable temperament, in which caused him his dismissal from the Paris Branch.

Vincent was drawn toward religion and enlisted into Greek and Latin courses in Amsterdamn. Vincent failed these courses and was sent on a Lay Missionary to Belgian Mining District, other known as Borinage. The mission was discontinued in 1879.

Going back to the Hague, an incident with an alcholic prostitute was the cause of Vincent's leaving the Hague once again in 1883.

On July 27, 1980 Vincent shot himself and two days later died. This suicide happened after cutting part of his own ear off, which was caused by an attack of insanity. Following that incident he spent a period of time in saint-Remy-De-Provence Asylum.


Unfortunately Van Gogh only sold on painting in his entire life time, but the influence he protrayed began a steady growth after his death.

Style of Van Gogh's, underwent crucial changes during 1886-1888. The colors brightened, and brush stroked became freely expressed just as shown below;

1888 till Van Gogh's death in 1890 was when this famous Dutch painter painted most of his important work. Van Gogh painted mostly landscapes. For example; A Wheat feild, with Cypresses 1889. ABOVE...