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Violence is one thing we have to be very careful about. Everyone needs to stop the violence and put the fighting to an end.Fighting is wrong. You should not fight. You can get in big trouble. You might even go to jail or prison. Fighting causes big problems. When people fight they can end up getting killed or hurt very badly. Everyone needs to get along and stop the violence. Alot of the times people drink and smoke and thats what makes them get violent. If people would just cut out the smoking and drinking it might help put an end to violence. But for others they were just born violent, whch s not very good. Tons of people get killed every year over stupid stuff. There is a very high rate of gang violence in the United States. Kids are killing kids. What we all need to realize is that we're all in the same gang.

We all need stop getting ourselves involved in petty altercations. We have to love not hate. Hate is one of the top reasons for violence. Can't we all just get along. Everything would go better if we could just get along. Races need to stop fighting because we are all human and thats what really matters. Putting an end to gun violence would solve alot of our problems. People need to solve their problems without guns. Guns is a major problem Americans have to face each day. Kids are bringing guns and knives to school. Why would a kid want to kill his teacher or fellow classmates. If we all worked together we could put an end to gun violence.