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Violence on TV Turn on the television today and flip through a few channels. It is guaranteed that you will find some sort of violence. With children watching for hours every night, violence on TV has gotten the attention of parents all across the nation. Children copy what they see on TV no matter how ridiculous it may seem. Parents need to watch their children because networks will always show violence.

Six months does not go by without somebody being on the news because of copying some stunts done on TV. For example, recently two thirteen-year-old boys copied what they saw on Jackass, a show on MTV. On the show, five guys do ridiculous and disgusting stunts. On a recent episode, one of the guys was set on fire and quickly jumped into a pool. A fire suit and all sorts of other safety precautions were taken, but these boys paid no attention to that.

They saw a guy on fire, thought it was cool and tried it. The boy is now in critical condition, and the parents are getting ready to go to court against the network.

The network has done what they have to do to keep this from happening. There is a disclaimer before the show and at every commercial break telling viewers not to try any of the stunts they do. They go further and state that anyone sending tapes of themselves doing anything like the stunts, can expect that the tapes will go directly in the trash without being viewed. The show airs late on Sunday nights when most kids should be in bed. Not much else can be done.

Maybe the parents should take some responsibility. If the kids are old enough to stay up that late, and watch whatever...