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The rise in school violence in America in the 1990's due to adolescent feelings of isolation has contributed to a drastic change in attitude towards school violence. Parents and kids now are scared to send and go to school. Since the first school shooting in Columbine there has been many changes in schools. There are more security policies and other actions to keep violence out of there school. Also scientists believe that these acts of violence are most common in certain kinds of cliques. This has caused students to watch out for whom they hang out with. School violence is a very important issue and if we don't get rid of it soon it will continue to harm kids in schools around the world.

School violence is a very important issue in our society today. "School Violence effects us all whether it is directly related to us or not."(1)

The affect of school on people is very dramatic. Study's show " When people are in a traumatic situation like school violence, they feel they cant escape."(3) Since school violence mainly involves kids. Kids are physiologically fragile, and mistreatment from school may leave deep wounds. This could cause a child to have physiological problems in his/her later life. These kids that school violence has appeared in their lives feel powerless and rejected and are capable of doing horrible things. They are capable of shooting someone or even committing suicide.

One example of school violence was the incident in Columbine High School. This was a school shooting that had killed several people. The two killers had killed 13 people and injured over 20 people. This shooting didn't just affect the people at Columbine it affected the whole nation. "Since this shooting recent threats have appeared in communities large and small."(Time...