Violence in Entertainment

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From Shakespeare to today's entertainment, shows of all sorts have been based on demand from the audience. Violence is a major demand; people want to see blood and gore, so it is supplied. Authors use what effects they can to please their audience, and by doing so, generations have grown accustom to seeing such violence. No, violence on TV does not have the ability to "ruin" society, because our nation and many others, were already violent.

All societies are violent with or with out entertainment. For instance the "Rule of Thumb" (a law stating that any man may beat his wife or family members with a stick, as long as it were no wider than his thumb) and Mary Ellen McCormick (first recorded child abuse, Miss McCormick had to be proven a member of the animal kingdom by the New York society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, to a judge under the laws against animal cruelty) was long before any movies had incorporated violence in the house hold.

Not to mention anything else from the past such as the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War, both were long before the movies "Saving Private Ryan" or "We Were Soldiers".

The human race is one of the only species that kills just to kill. For instance the Spanish Inquisition, authorized by Pope Gregory IX, in 1231, to eradicate "Heretics" from this world was certainly not after he watched "Schiendlers List". Hitler did not decide to take his preemptive strike against Scandinavia because of some television show. Last but not least the organization that brought the second attack on our nation on September 11, 2001 most likely had other reasons than having just watched "Pearl Harbor".

All these violent acts touch every person in some form or...