Is violence in the entertainment media bad to society?

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For millennia, human society has relied on various constructions for the sake of its entertainment. From primitive pictorial murals to a modern day action movie, these constructs have allowed people to construct simulated realities that occupy the mind.

With audio and visual entertainment technologies such as photography and film towards the latter end of the 19th and the duration of the 20th century, people have been able to incorporate progressively intense and graphic sequences in entertainment. As a result violence has become a common theme in much modern day entertainment. However violence in audio and visual entertainment has been predated by references to violence, such as novels depicting wars, domestic struggles, etc.

Today it is common to label violence in entertainment as unnecessary. Violence is considered by many to be a negative influence on the individual and social conscience. Some arguments deserve consideration, such as do violent acts that are in the virtual world of entertainment have an effect on the things of such events in real life? There is no conclusive evidence in response to this question either way.

After all, how does one distinguish violence in media as an actual contributing cause out of all the many and variegated factors that influence the mind of a person who commits a violent action? Whether or not violence has this effect, it can at least be said with a fair degree of confidence that this is not the intent of those that produce entertainment content containing violence.

Entertainment serves as a means of escapism and to engage the mind. Violence in entertainment serves as a place for certain emotions and constructions. Violence is a tool in the process of entertainment, much like other emotions and behaviours. Violence illustrates passion, intensity and vigour. Without violence in entertainment, we would be...