Violence in the Media

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Violence in the Media"A TV movie on wife beating, called The Burning Bed, apparently triggered related violence in three separate cities. In Milwaukee, a man, fearing for his own life, doused his estranged wife with gasoline and threw a match at her. In Quincy, Massachusetts, a husband was so enraged by the show that he beat his wife to death, later saying that he wanted to get her before she got him. And in Chicago, a battered wife shot her husband right after watching The Burning Bed." (Block 4). Several incidents like this have occurred after the display of violent forms of media. There is much controversy about violence in the media. Violence has inspired many crimes and act, yet the demand for violence keeps the public entertained and the profits keep the economy up and running.

Violence is forceful human destruction of property or injury to persons, usually intentional, and forceful verbal and emotional abuse that harms others.

Violence comes in many forms, usually illegal, such as assault, property damage, homicide, and rape. Assault is the basic form of violence against another human being, while property damage is violence against someone's property. Homicide, a more serious form of violence, is the act of one human killing another human being. A main function of the law is to regulate violence through legal systems and government groups, allowing the government officials to use violence to stop violence.

Aggression is the behavior in humans that make them want to cause harm or pain, to someone or something. Aggression is not necessarily physical; physiological and verbal aggression can still cause mental pain or harm (Berkowitz 7). Anger and aggression are usually used synonymously, but this is not true. "Anger is a normal, and necessary, human emotion. It is how people naturally respond to...