Violence As It Relates To Illegal Drug Use Among Teenagers

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Violence as it Relates To Illegal Drug Use Among Teenagers Teenagers may be involved with alcohol and illegal drugs in various ways. Experimentation with alcohol and drugs during the adolescence years is very common among teens in urban and suburban areas. Teenagers often have the tendency to feel indestructible and immune to the problems that others experience with their use of drugs and alcohol. Using alcohol and tobacco at a younger age can and will increase the risk of using drugs later on in their life. Some teenagers will experiment with drugs and stop, or continue to use occasionally, while others will develop a dependency, moving on to more dangerous drugs and causing significant harm to themselves and possibly others. Drug and alcohol use also tends to cause problems related to school and community violence. Teenagers who use illegal substances and alcohol are prone to violence interrelated within a community and also have a higher risk of being effected by the long-term consequences of those substances.

One of the most highly abused drugs is those drugs, which are prescribed by doctors. The most highly abused prescription drug are painkillers. When a painkiller is taken a person feels at peace with themselves with no sensational feeling and becomes very tired and calm. Diet pills are also commonly abused, teenagers believe the more pills they consume the less they will eat and more weight will be lost. This theory in turn is not true, abuse of diet pills can cause intestine infection and even sudden death. Teenagers frequently mix prescription drugs with other drugs to get a better high, which put them at even more risk for an overdose ("Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse"� Internet).

Teenagers use recreational drugs for many different reasons: curiosity, because it feels good, or even...