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Violence on TV - Cause of Childhood Aggression

There is a great deal of speculation on the effect television plays in childhood aggression. Two contrasting views regarding this issue are violent television increases aggressive behavior and violent television does not increase aggressive behavior. However, there might be different factors that increase or decrease the influence of violence in media on the children. These can include education, social class, environment, and parental control. Still, in my opinion, violence on TV plays one of the major roles in childhood aggression.

Television is a central part of our lives. In some cases television is a person's number one activity. Violence has become a major part of our daily television. Whether it is on the news or in a movie, even in commercials, violence is present on the majority of the various channels. Many TV stations are probably aware of that, but still show violence because it is profitable, because older population likes to come home from work and relax watching an action movie.

However children often happen to be near their parents, so they end up watching that action movie too. The viewer absorbs all the violence on television. Violence on television has a negative effect on children viewers.

Add to this 'positive' portrayal of negative behavior the fact that children's programs were least likely to show the bad effects of violence and most likely to make it funny. As Donnerstein says, 'We're showing children violence that goes unpunished, is realistic and humorous.' (Goodman 458)

Many times the case is that the violence on television goes unpunished, so the children think that it is normal to perform a violent act. When children are exposed to TV violence there is a possibility that they will become less sensitive to real life violence. The children...