Violence in Video Games

Essay by mr.suave August 2003

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I believe that violence in video games, music, and movies is not to blame at all for violence in society. I believe that these things do the total opposite and allow us to vent some of the built up anger we have that leads to violence. I think the media is just trying to find something to blame, and most importantly for them, are trying to gain interest in themselves. In fact, I would say the media just gives people who are violent what they want, along with society and people's general ideas about how movies and games cause violence, a scapegoat.

It enrages me when people tell me video games cause violence. In videogames, it is sometimes possible to be a violent character and hurt others, and people think blindly that makes the people who play them more violent. For me, if I am mad, playing such a game vents out my anger and I am no longer mad, and no one has been hurt.

The same goes for music and movies. If I watch a movie and someone gets killed, it is not going to make me go kill someone like in the movie. How much do people actually get away with killing in movies? The villain usually dies, and that doesn't sound very good to me. Music is just that, music, and nothing more. If I were to start listening to music with violent lyrics, it would not make me become violent at all. If I am violent in the first place and listen to the violent lyrics, it is not the music's fault I was violent.

When the media looks for attention, they usually report on things like this. It is always negative, and it always attracts attention. People never...