Violent Children

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How Should Violent Children be Punished? Violent children are like wild animals that have broken out of their cages. These children commit crimes that will send chills up your spine. The punishment that these violent children should receive should be as severe as the crimes committed. The old belief of an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth seems to be fitting for these children.

The children that commit these crimes are not stupid. They know what they are doing when they act out because all children know what is right and what is wrong. Children are taught this difference from a very young age. Children are taught first by parents and then next by teachers. I remember in school the teacher had a set of rules. It was clearly explained that for every action there was a consequence. If you broke the rules of the classroom you would be punished.

If violent children commit a crime, they should be punished according to the severity of their crime. The child that commits the crime should be made an example of. If all they get is a slap on the wrist and then get off in the custody of their parents, then nothing as been accomplished. Other children who see this kind of punishment will think that they too can do something similar and get away with it. If that conclusion were how violent children viewed their actions then this world would be in complete chaos.

These violent children should not be placed in prisons. It is in prison that counseling is given. Prisoners are given the opportunity to educate themselves. There are also gyms so that prisoners can build strong bodies. Some also are given a chance to learn a trade. Does this sound like punishment? The child who commits the crime should be punished in the Town Square where everyone can see them. The punishment should fit the crime. If the child injured another person by beating them, then that should be done to him or her. The punishment should be done slowly so that the violent child can now feel the same pain the victim felt. This violent child should experience this painful punishment because he or she has caused the tremendous pain to the victim and the victim's family. The child should know what the other people affected by the crime have gone through.

There would be a lasting impression in the minds of everyone who witnessed the public displays of punishments. This way any other child, who thought about being violent, would think twice if they knew the consequences for their actions. If this kind of punishment was given to children that commit violent crimes, then other children will see the pain they are going through, and they would choose not have to endure the same kind of pain.