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Grandmother: yes, dear Woolf. It is true. Women's experiences are way wider than


1st Granddaughter: hello Grandma, what are you reading?

Grandmother: nothing! I was knitting something!

2nd granddaughter: I saw you grandma! Do you read for Woolf? She is excellent!

Grandmother: I read for her because she is a member of high-class Victorian family. All of them were literate. Hope all of you would be so too.

1st granddaughter: she is a distinguished feminist essayist and critic. She passed through shocking events in her life. Her mother died when she was nine years old, she was sexually abused by her step-brother..

Grandmother: mind your language!

2nd grandaughter: did u know that she started writing right after her father's death? They say she was liberated apparently and started writing 1905/

Grandmother: I remember when I read her first novel for the first time, called " Voyage Out" in 1915, it was amazing! She was 22 years old when she started writing.

How many young ladies can be that genious, I wonder?

1st granddaughter: I didn't read that one! I read her "Orlando". I didn't know that she wasn't straight untill I read the analysis of the novel and knew that she was celebrating her affair with Victoria "Vita" in that novel!

2nd granddaughter: really?

Grandmother: move from here, please! Come and sit in my place!

1st granddaughter: ok granny! The funny thing is that her husband Leonard Woolf founded a press with her help called " Hogarth Press" and it published her first work. Her husband must have been shocked about her affair

2nd graddaughter: defenitely. This period of her life coninceded with a great productivity in her wirtings. The point is that her people referred her talent and creativity to her sexuality, her class and...