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1.0 Introduction

Tourism is a business of providing tours and services for tourists. Nowadays, Tourism is important role in the world. Virtual Communities is necessary to develop in tourism. In here, I will create "Tourism of New South Wales" website to show the designing a virtual community. It is because New South Wales become one of popular place to travel around the world.

Tourism NSW is responsible of New South Wales as communication within Australia and overseas. The organization also provides virtual area to let people share their tourism tips, holiday experiences and any special in NSW.

2.0 Purpose

This community will design for people who enjoy coming New South Wales. It will allow users to communication and exchange their experiences. The main focus of this community is providing reliable and objective reviews about New South Wales, which community users could use as valuable and useful information if they want to come to New South Wales.

Aims of NSW community:

Bring people together weather it is Australian or oversea and establish friendship between users.

Provide a form for users to discuss about their feeling of NSW.

Provide chatting room to share their experience in real time.

Update on News and Event to give reliable and new information to users.

Improve the users knowledge in NSW

3.0 Compare between Virtual communities and Existing virtual communities.

There are many similarities between the proposed virtual communities and current existing virtual communities such as However, there are some different between both communities:

Focus on interactive between users who interesting travel in NSW

Using Forum and chatting room to share opinion.

Regularly updated with News and Event about travel in NSW.

Allow users can be members that easy to communication.

Consist of wallpapers for users download.

Provide Mailing List which regularly sends the...