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A virtual house call is a visit from a doctor over the internet. This allows the patient to converse with the doctor without having to leave his home. There would not be any noisy disruptions, waiting a long time to get in and surely the cost would be cheaper than going to the office.

On the up-side you do not have to deal with a great deal of people on the internet. The other thing is the patient is not being exposed to other sick people therefore keeping germs to themselves. A few bad things would be there is not any physical contact which some people find comforting when seeing a doctor. The other draw-back would be the doctor cannot see certain things on a computer screen like temperature or blood pressure.

Financially the virtual world is cheap but the cost of seeing the doctor this way may be high or low depending on the physician. Most people would think it would be cheaper to see a doctor online because it can be done quickly and a more efficient way to use precious time, but some people want to get rich off of the simplest things. Insurance companies might not cover this type of interaction because there is not any physical contact between the patient and the doctor. Honestly what can a doctor see about your health over a screen which is about 12 inches?

Interaction and virtual house calls does not provide enough. When a person is not feeling well he tends to want to be right there with the doctor, for most people this makes them at ease. I believe the virtual house call would not be for me. However I am sure there are others out there that would welcome it.

Being a caregiver it...