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IntroductionA Virtual Organization may use several different types of information systems to aid them in their daily business operations. With the constant rapid change of today's technology Virtual Organizations have to update their systems regularly. In this paper an information system that is critical to Kudlar Fine Foods a Virtual Organization, has been described and information on how the particular information system impacts the organizations structure has been provided.

Kudlar Fine foods would benefit from the use of an information system known as the Enterprise Wide Information System, which will allow the virtual organization to communicate and or share important information with all of the organizations locations (…). An enterprise wide information system will also allow Kudlar Fine Foods to keep track of inventory, employees, and customers. An Enterprise Information system is designed to improve in critical measures of performance such as quality, cost, speed and service (…).

The information system is pre-packaged software driven solutions developed to integrate business functions.

They do so through transaction processing systems, which cut through all functions and update a common corporate base (M. Arif et al. / Before You invest an illustrated framework to compare conceptual design pg 120). In the fast paced global economy, a company must be flexible and agile to meet the shifting needs of operating in and on demand environment. When aligning information technology systems using service oriented architecture to provide end to end integration virtualized Information Technology services is a critical step. Many businesses are struggling on demand environment; they are to reduce market cycles, enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenue, seize competitive advantages, at the same time trying to reduce operating cost and overhead (IBM systems Journal, volume 44, No. 4 2005 Bernstein et al). Enterprise systems are used to facilitate the seamless integration an exchange data...