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Baderman Island is a beautiful destination for the young and old to enjoy a little piece of heaven. Managed by the Boardman Management Group this destination gives guest everything they would expect for their visit and more. This destination is an all inclusive, self contained island that offers restaurants and hotels. The resort will meet every expectation to give the very best in entertainment and relaxation.

Founded by the Baderman family in 1922 after leaving their hometown of Neustadt,Germany. The Badermans quickly purchased and built their farmhouse on 1600 acres, which took up most of the Kelsey River's bend. It was in 1932, when they decided to save an old abandoned lighthouse that they relocated to the shores of the river. This lighthouse was renamed the Baderman Neustadt Lighthouse which was after their home town.

The Badermans set aside almost 400 acres for the Botanicals in corporation with theTown of Kelsey this was in 1978 and it was 10 years later that is was decided to turn the rest of their land into a resort.

This began the construction of a convention center, golf course, and a trolley system would interconnect the facilities. It was in 2001 when the hotels and spa was added to this little piece of heaven.

Finally in 2004 they were ready to open their doors to the public due the help of theBoardman Management Group. This group is in charge of the hiring, training, evaluating of the necessary employees. The Human resource department is responsible to hire the very best to ensure the best service for their customers. While evaluating them to ensure that they are doing everything possible for not just their customers but also their employees.

The team will show in this paper how the Boardman Management Group recruits their staff and the...