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One of the most difficult challenges an organization faces is the ability to find the right employees for the job. Not only do employers have to think about whether they want employees or independent contractors, but also they have to consider diversity and legal obligations. A staffing strategy provides overall guidance on how an organization hires and retains staff. A well developed staffing strategy can help eliminate problems before they start. Companies that have the most difficulty in hiring are those that make decisions on a case-by-case basis. These companies make staffing decisions based on what makes sense for a particular situation or team. However, there is a difference between what makes sense for an individual manager and what makes sense for the entire organization. The strategy must reflect on the present, but also set the direction for where the organization wants to be in three to five years. Managers should strategize before initiating any activities that directly affect the companies they work for, including decisions involving staffing.

Although difficult to determine the outcome of specific strategies, those based on clear, specific objectives are most effective (, Incorporated, 2006). Through the process of determining a mission, identifying goals, developing methods and procedures geared toward meeting the goals, and measuring the results, this paper evaluates the recruitment and staffing strategies of Kudler Fine Foods (Staffing. Org, Incorporated, 2006).

Like many businesses today, Kudler Fine Foods began with humble roots. Kudler prides itself on selling high-quality products. Kudler grew at a fast pace, and now has three locations. Since people of all economic levels require food to survive, the food industry as a whole will remain intact. Not every food store or restaurant will be successful; however, businesses in the food industry must meet many standards. The early success of Kudler Fine...