Virtual Tourism as a new venture

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To: Ing. Zammit

From: VT Ltd.

Date: 18th May 2006

Subject: Virtual Tourism as a new venture


As the tourism market is becoming increasingly diverse we decided to embark in virtual tourism in order to offer new ways to market tourism. The idea of virtual tourism is still an innovative marketing tool. However, through our studies of the Maltese market we found that there are a number of enterprises in the hotel industry that utilise this technique. With regards to museums, temples, churches and towns this idea is relatively new, thus we are trying to find new opportunities to be able to market our product in such a sector as well as in the hotel industry.

Mission Statement

"We will continuously try to achieve customer loyalty, through our product, which is constantly struggling at providing a new technological image of the Maltese Islands"

Concept Statement


Virtual tourism means 'deeds done in artificial reality by using technical devices to navigate in virtual worlds (real or imaginary) and experiencing artificial stimuli through non-simultaneous use of the body and mind'�.

This refers to the exploration of other areas in the world without having to physically travel. Such navigation is mainly done using the Internet in the commodity of ones home.

Virtual tourism, apart from being a way of travelling in the future, can also be a powerful advertising technique for the countries that decide to adopt it. However the virtual tourists can decide to be, either active or passive. An active virtual tourist takes part in actions of the virtual world, tries to shape the virtual world in different form and communicates with other persons (real or artificial) in the virtual world while a passive virtual tourist is just a bystander who observes what is happening in the virtual...