Virtue Ethics

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Virtue Ethics

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Virtue Ethics


Virtue ethics has been originated many years ago in different societies that conform on safety and well being of other individuals in the society. The ethics focus on what a person able to do rather than what the person is unable to do. The character of an individual throughout his life is shaped by factors such as beliefs, values and attitudes. Virtue ethics focus on the effective side of individual actions. This paper seeks to establish the application of virtue ethics in my social as well as business life.

Virtue Ethics

Virtue ethics is a body of knowledge within philosophy that seeks to describe in full details the character traits or virtue that constitutes a good human life. Hartman, Desjardins and McDonald (2013, p. 123) notes that the concept or ethics of virtue moves from what should be done by an individual to who the responsible individual is.

The recognition of the individual is constituted by the beliefs, values and the attitudes people have. These aspects vary from one individual to another individual.

The application of virtue ethics changes the nature of justification in ethics. For example in some ethical cases justification of some actions could be tied to self interest (Hartman, Desjardins and MacDonald, 2013, p. 124). However, for such justification I likely to fail given that ethical controversies involve the conflict arising between self-interest and existing ethical values. For example individuals could prefer self-interest to ethical value in some cases where they are required to sacrifice their personal interests. For example: an individual required to pursue ethical value that required giving up large sum of money is unlikely to prefer ethical values. In this context the self interest of such...