The Virtue Practice of Medicine

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What is the major function of computers in healthcare? Communication is the most important function. This allows us to lower cost and improve quality! Let's get people back to healthcare and away from paperwork! Healthcare is the most information intensive industry in the country. Everything we do in healthcare is related to collecting, organizing, analyzing and distributing information. Physicians are very important to our business. We must be able to understand how they work and what they do. Physicians now work in group practices. Doctors generally work in a variety of office venues. They also see patients at a variety of hospitals; ambulatory care facilities, long term care facilities, and diagnostic centers. They are very mobile people.

The Virtual Practice of Medicine

Doctors are the heart of the healthcare system. The patient is our center of focus, but without the doctor, we don't get very far. There have been several trends that have occurred in the United States over the past few years related to the physician: Movement of physicians toward urban areas has occurred in the past.

This has allowed physicians to congregate near major medical centers to take advantage of available technology. It has also allowed doctors in many medical specialties to increase their earning power.

There are more physicians today than ever before. The distribution of doctors in various specialties is not necessarily rational or efficient. Physicians in training are often influenced with what is popular at the time and by the successful doctors they see around them. Young doctors are also influenced by policies of the Federal Government (Singhaviranon, 2001). The government based on the perceived future needs of the country dictates training grants for medical residencies and post-doctoral training programs. There will be a major shift in physician demographics in the next 10 years.