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Visa has been in business for many years and has developed a product that is flexible enough for every consumer. Their promotional message and sources are strong and have been developed greatly to deliver a strong message to the consumer community. In this paper, we will discuss the product, sources they use to promote their product and how they convey their message, and where Visa is at in their product life cycle.

Product Description

Visa Corporation is comprised of 21,000 banks and other financial institutions around the world who issues credit cards to its customers. Visa's role consists of mainly issuing the plastic cards to the banks. However, Visa's role is bigger than it seems because it bares all the responsibility of ensuring that Visa credit cards are equipped with the highest level of specification and security in order to protect its consumers and merchants from unauthorized transactions. Visa also maintains its database and provides customer information to banks which enables them to monitor all customers accounts.

Visa itself acts as a link between the merchants' banks and the cardholders' bank. Visa differentiates itself from other credit card companies by providing the most high-tech protection features on all credit cards for its cardholders, merchants and banks. This company promotes itself to the public as the safest, most secure and reliable credit card to use anywhere in the world.

Promotional Sources

Visa attracts customers from all over the world through its website. It also attracts customers through banks and financial institutions. The methods that these distributors use to attract Visa's cardholders are through mail, telephone, radio, banks' websites, promotion stands, newspapers, magazines and at the location of the company. Visa also attracts a majority of its credit card holders through "word of mouth" by its own cardholders who were very happy...