The Vision and Mission Statements of Kingdom Financial Holdings Limited.

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Kingdom Financial Holdings Limited is a Zimbabwe based financial services firm serving its clients in the areas of money, equity, capital and foreign exchange markets.

The Company is also involved in investment banking, portfolio management, company research and advisory services.

The Holding Company has the following principal subsidiaries: -


The company manages institutional and private client's funds in order to maximize their returns through portfolio management and unit trusts. The company provides services to individuals, partnership, companies and pension and provident funds.


The company offers fixed income securities dealings and is heavily involved in local money market, government and municipal stocks. It also offers research in money and capital markets.


The company offers broad investment banking and advisory services and seeks to develop and market innovative financial solutions to its prospective client base in areas of corporate banking, corporate finance and foreign exchange transactions.

The Zimbabwe Banking Services Sector has gone through turbulent times since the arrival of the new Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Before his appointment, most of the Banks had left their core business and were using depositors' money on illegal activities like buying foreign currency in the parallel market. Some of these banks even went to the extent of selling local currency to companies and individuals.

When the new Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr Gono announced his monetary policy in December 2003, the whole finance industry was caught unaware resulting in some big players in the industry like Trust Holdings, Barbican Holdings, Intermarket Holdings, Royal Bank and Time Bank falling by the wayside.

When other companies were being put under judicial management because of liquidity problems, Kingdom Financial Holdings Ltd went from strength...