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Little Fun Size Candy Shop Scorecard

Jaime Enriquez

BUS 475

December 20, 2010

Lesley King

The mission of Little Fun Size Candy Shop is to be the best local candy store in all of Silver Spring, MD, creating the best fun size candy bags and to provide a fun, safe, memorable experience for customers. LFSC has developed the strategic objectives of customer satisfaction, customer value, and customer retention. LFSC's mission has developed strategic objectives of productivity and process performance improvement. The function and targets will show that LFSCS looks to improve productivity of the process of fun size candy bags making it a fun and creative way to spend time. This will separate LFSCS from any competitors when compared to local candy stores or concession stands giving LFSCS a competitive advantage in the market.

The financial section of the scorecard mentions that LFSC business will generate sales and profit at high rate of profit for stakeholders. First thing will be the increasing of sales and reducing of costs, which improves returns to investors improving profitability and increasing earnings per share that will ultimately attract more stakeholders. LFSCS plans to become profitable within one to three years of business by 10 - 15%.

The objective of revenue would be to break even in the first years of operation. Several businesses fail their first year of production so if LFSC can reach a target of being profitable by10-15% that would be a great achievement. The measures would be to offer services and products at a low adequate rate to still break even or generate small amounts of profit. This helps the business become more recognizable and competitive within the market. Consumers want to pay...