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The Lebanon County Library System is made up of six independent public libraries serving the information needs of Lebanon county residents. The System is committed to providing the best possible information service by offering open access to materials, services and programs in support of literacy and reading. The United Way supports and helps to fund these libraries.

My son Alec had to do some sort of community service project for his school so I contacted the United Way and they directed me to the library system of Lebanon County. We visited the Fredricksburg library on the first of May. There he did his community service. They had him clean and help straiten up things, which was good for an eleven year old boy to do. While he was doing his duty for the good of man kind I was gathering some information on the library and why they where connected with the United Way.

They began telling me about the many programs they offered at these libraries.

One of the programs they had going at the library is to help tutor adults. $15 will cover the cost of a training manual and LCLL's (Literacy Council of Lancaster-Lebanon) resource book. After completing 15 hours of training, you'll be matched with an adult, provided with teaching materials and offered guidance from staff. You'll be asked to tutor 3 hours a week for 1 year. The library tells me you will experience the reward of helping an adult achieve the skills needed to read to children, fill out job applications, balance a family budget or speak English to a neighbor.

While I was there they had another program going on at the time. I thought this was very unique. At first I didn't see anything different then any normal library but as I...