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It was a black convertable Mercedez 600sel with licence plates 'PW2020'. Robert Dupond parked the car in the road outside the American Club. He was still in his car feeling nervous and restless, with a little hesitation. He took a deep breath

and got off his car. He could see himself leading a new life with all the money and the power he would inherit from his 'Big uncle'. Only the daughter of his 'Big Uncle', Venesa Rosaldi stood in his way. He sensed his heart poundering in his chest, at the

same time he became a little excited about the new life he would have at the end of it all. He dreamed of getting everyhing he wanted; a red Ferrari, a brand new mansion in Beverly Hills, and all the beautiful chics.

Venesa was sitting on the terrace in her tennis whites, her blonde hair pulled back from her forehead with a broad white NIKE sweat-band.

She was having her usual lime juice with soda water. She always surprised him. Unless you got close enough

, she would be mistaken for a woman ten years younger than her real age.

Robert was wearing a maroon double-breasted velvet Gucci suit, a black silk shirt and a pair of wool trousers with slim leather belt. Heads turned as he walked through the lounge with an expressionless face. He put his brief case by the French

doors to the terrace and walked outside up to her. She looked up.

'Did you have a good day?', she said, as if she was expecting him. He was taken aback, but he tried to stay calm.

'Just a little sight-seeing, you know how it is.' He always tried to avoid telling Venesa about the business matters.

'what are you doing here?', she...