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I. Introduction a. How many of you have ever tried picking up food with a pair of chopsticks? b. It can sometimes be very difficult.

c. Today I will tell you a little history of Chopsticks, and demonstrate on how to use them.

II. Body a. The birth of Chopsticks began when farmer discovered a pair of Ivory chopsticks in the ruins of an eleventh century B.C. palace of the Zhou dynasty in China.

b. Became clear that Chinese start using chopsticks every since it was discovered c. Some of many people of different country were still eating with their hands when the Chinese discover of chopsticks.

III. Today many people uses Chopsticks from China, Japan , Korean and Vietnam IV. There are many kinds of way to use a chopsticks a. I will show you how to hold it with left hand and right hand V. Conclusion a.

There are several ways to hold chopsticks but today I showed you one way of holding the chopsticks.

b. Using a pair of Chopsticks can be difficult but if you practice enough eventually you will get a hang of it.

c. I hope you enjoyed learning how to use a pair of Chopsticks Today.